Happy birthday, Ella!

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Thank you, Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation!

April 25 marks the 98th birthday of the legendary Ella Fitzgerald. Thank you Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation for your unwavering commitment to music education and literacy for the children of Los Angeles!

Impostor, Revealed!

While the Ford is closed for construction, Assistant Box Office Manager Ann Jensen has been cataloging and organizing historic photographs and programs. Below she reveals how she solved one of the Ford’s most perplexing mysteries…

The photo above has been hanging in the Ford Theatres offices for years, quietly perpetuating a lie. The woman in the photo is identified in the caption as “Pilgrimage Play playwright, founder and benefactress Christine Wetherill Stevenson” and is dated 1931. This woman, however, bears little resemblance to the Christine Wetherill Stevenson pictured in the photo below, taken in front of the original Pilgrimage Theater in 1920:

Stevenson - outside original theater (lo res)

It’s hard to believe she could have aged so much in 10 years, not to mention the fact that Stevenson died in 1922. So, who is this emphatic-looking woman and what has she done with the real Christine Wetherill Stevenson?

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